August 3, 2022 Charitable Giving

July and the first part of August is Saint George’s opportunity to help provide backpacks and school supplies for children who will not have these items for the beginning of school.

One of the main elementary schools to benefit from this is Larkspur Elementary. Larkspur, located about a mile from St. George, is a Title One school meaning that many students are at, or below, the poverty line. St. George has partnered with Larkspur for many years providing outreach wherever we can. This is our first opportunity for this year.

They say that an average backpack full of supplies can be about $80 this year. Last year we handed out about 900 backpacks, in coordination with eight other area churches, so the cost is significant. If you feel called to help, please donate thru our online giving platform and mark for backpacks, or give a check made out to St George with backpacks on the memo line.

Thanks so much for helping these children get a good start for this school year.

If you have questions, contact Julabeth Carden, or 210-365-6377.