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Flood Relief - How You Can Help

Pray: O God of grace and glory, we offer our prayers this day for all those whose lives have been so profoundly affected by the rain and floods in our surrounding communities. We ask your grace for all our sisters and brothers …...Read More


St. George Episcopal Church is excited to be able to host over 200 Youth Group Members from the Houston area as they come to San Antonio for a week of intense missionwork in many of the non-profits around town.  They …...Read More

Chain Of Love Launches on Sunday April 12

For the tenth year in a row, St. George Episcopal School is celebrating a huge "Chain of Love" domino-toppling event to help those in need. Last year we raised over $18,000, and each dollar was represented by a domino …...Read More

Kids For Christ - Stations of the Cross - Making Memories

We had a wonderful and very powerful KFC formation on Palm Sunday!  The kids of KFC participated in their first "Stations of the Cross" and made memory boxes that they filled with items  to …...Read More