Altar Flowers

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Our beautiful altar flowers are back! Use the form linked here to make an altar flower offering in memory of or in thanksgiving for a loved one or multiple loved ones or in honor of birthdays or anniversaries. Donations can be made online or by check. Please designate “Altar Flowers” in the memo! The cost of flower arrangements is $45 per side of the altar, $90 for both. You may donate towards one or both of the flower arrangements.  If you have any questions, please email Keith Earle at

Texas Water Mission Celebration

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Some of our Saint George staff had a great time attending the annual fundraising dinner of the Texas Water Mission that took place last Tuesday, September 28th at the Whitley Theological Center. One of the projects highlighted was the water project at St. Benoit in Mombin Crochu, Haiti. Over the last couple of years, they have done some amazing work!

A cistern holding 22,000 gallons of water now serves the entire population of Mombin Crochu. The same water system serves both the church and school. Residents are able to come and fill up jugs of water and feel safe knowing the water has been tested and treated (as it says on the building). This project is the result of a continued outstanding partnership between St George, Texas Water Mission, and St Benoit. Thanks so much for your support for our friends in Haiti!

Assistance Opportunities

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There are many who are hurting these days and if you have been wondering about ways to assist, below are links to some helpful information. As always, prayers are one of our greatest tools, so, continue to remember these communities in your daily prayers.

To learn more about the Respite Center for Immigrants click here.

Click here to learn more about Hurricane relief.

To learn more about assisting the Afghan people click here.

Chain of Love 2021 has begun!

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What is Chain of Love?

Chain of Love began 16 years ago as a way to demonstrate the impact our community was making on those around the world. Every dollar that is raised is represented by a domino that is then turned into a HUGE domino chain built by students. What started out as a chain of 3,500 dominoes has grown to over

32, 000! It is a visual way to see what we can do when we all join together to work towards a common goal.

Our partnership with St. Benoit in Mombin Crochu, Haiti began in 2009/2010. We were connected with them through The National Episcopal Church’s Haiti Partnership Program because of their incredible need. They are very remote and isolated, making the journey difficult to get there. They had no official buildings to call home. Mr. Devlin (along with the Hausman’s and Jennifer Wickham) made the visit in March of 2010 after a catastrophic earthquake. It was an incredible experience that solidified our desire to partner with the community of St. Benoit in Mombin Crochu, Haiti.

How can I be a Domino?

You can support this year’s Chain of Love by donating here online. Help us by spreading the word, one dollar and domino at a time.

Welcome to St. George!

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