Impact Report – Women-to-Women Ministry & Music Writing Ministry for Vets

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This month’s Impact Report features Linda Canas and Pat Barger’s Women-to-Women Ministries and Cliff McLean’s support for Music Writing Ministry for Vets. Read about how folks from St. George support these ministries in the November Impact Report.

Many St. George parishioners touch the lives of people every day in San Antonio and throughout the world as they “love and serve” in the name of God. “Stories of Humanity and Healing” seeks to share with you the human stories of that work. Do you have a story to share of reaching out to your fellow human beings? If so, please send it to

Food and Friendsgiving, Nov. 15

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Food and Friends Gathering

Our First Food and Friends Gathering (30s – 50s Group) was a great success! We got to chat and learn more about those we didn’t know very well, and old friends also had the opportunity to spend some time together.

We all enjoyed fajitas and even got to celebrate a birthday with some birthday cake. We hope that you can join us for our Food and Friendsgiving on November 15!

You should receive an Evite soon, but if you want more information, please contact Jennifer Kirkland at

Coffee & Conversation

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Dear Fellow Coffee & Conversation Participants –

Last Sunday the class discussed Question 4 about Chapter 10 in Max Lucado’s book Anxious for Nothing: Finding Calm in a Chaotic World. Rather than asking for specific responses, Question 4 presents several quotes and scripture passages for general discussion.

The first passage recalls the parable of the vineyard in John 15, where Jesus is represented by the grape vine and we, by the branches. We can bear fruit as long as we remain attached to the vine. The secret to reducing anxiety is less about “doing” and more about “abiding.” “Abide” comes from the Old English word “gebidan,” the prefix “ge-” denoting onward motion, and “bidan” meaning “dwell.”

Another reading likens the vineyard parable to a father leading his four-year-old child down a crowded street. The father says, “Hold my hand,” not “Memorize the map,” nor, “Take your chances dodging traffic,” nor “Let’s see if you can find your way home.”

As usual, “conversation” ranged among diverse topics, including, “Does the presence of a police officer at St. George during church make us feel safer or less safe,” and “Our job is to bring others to church, and the church’s job is to bring them to Christ.” We are not responsible to save the world.

Next Sunday, 11/10/19, we will finish discussing the passages in Question 4. Hope to see you there, normal time and place, between services, (starting at 9:45 a.m.) in St. Mark’s Room upstairs in the Leadership Center.

In Christ,
Peggy and Paul Foerster

P.S. The following Sunday, 11/17/19, is Consecration Sunday, with one service at 10:00 a.m., followed by a catered luncheon. So C&C will join in these activities rather than meeting in St. Mark’s Room.