A Note From Fr. Ram

August 13, 2021 From Fr. Ram

Friends in Christ:

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

As we are all aware, the Covid-19 Delta variant is filling up our area hospitals with critically ill patients. This week’s reported test positivity rate sits slightly above 21%. We are once again in the midst of another surge.

In a few Episcopal churches in our Diocese, their leadership has moved to require masks for those attending worship. As I have prayed and thought about this, it seems to me that before I engage the Vestry in this discussion, I wanted to ask for your cooperation rather than issue mandates.

Therefore, I want to remind you of the current Diocesean guidelines relative to face masks.

– Facemasks are optional for those who have been fully vaccinated. Fully vaccinated is defined as having received the full dosage of a vaccine and at least two weeks have ensued.

– Facemasks are REQUIRED for those who have not been fully vaccinated.

My request of all who attend worship is that we all wear our facemasks when we are not seated and indoors regardless of vaccination status. Further, I request that we all wear our masks while we are singing as a congregation.

Note that singers on camera may remove their masks. To provide an extra layer of protection, we will be asking that all non-music team members sit behind the reserve signs we will place behind the pews where the choir sits.

I am asking for your cooperation in hopes that we will keep the Covid virus out of our worship space. I am asking for your cooperation in hopes that we keep each other healthy and uninfected. I am asking for your cooperation in hopes that all our children, especially those who are unable to receive the vaccination, will be able to start school and attend uninterrupted by having to quarantine.

I know that facemasks are uncomfortable. I am also aware that we are not all of one mind about the virus and facemasks. Like you I am frustrated that we are in the midst of another surge.

However, I am asking all of us to do all that we can to keep each other, especially our most vulnerable family members, safe and healthy.

As I said last Sunday, together we will persevere through this pandemic. Together we can do our part to keep each other from suffering the effects of this virus.

The staff and I will continue to wear our masks to keep ourselves and all of you safe. I request that you follow our lead for the good of our St. George Family.

May God bless, preserve and keep you and your loved ones this day and always.